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Wedding Blessings and Renewal of Vows

Why get married in Church?

Wherever you choose to get married, you make a public declaration of a life-long commitment to love each other faithfully and you take on a new legal status as husband and wife. Family and friends come along to witness this and celebrate with you.

Wedding Blessings

The Anglican Church of St. Francis regularly conducts weddings blessings and renewal of vows in all our churches; San Eugenio, Los Gigantes, San Blas, hotels and other venues for either residents or British visitors. (See pictures on our Website)

The service is tailored to each couples individual requirement but basically follows the Church of England Wedding service with a few small amendments. Your musical tastes can be catered for.

As actual marriage ceremonies here are difficult to organise generally couples choose to have a quiet Civil ceremony in a U.K. Registry Office or Gibraltar followed by the Church ceremony here. In this way you will have a full marriage certificate registered in the UK with full UK legal status and the blessing of the union by the church

What you need to do. In the first instance contact the Vicar (vicar@tenerifesouthchurches.com) or Church Secretary Marisha Carter  (anglicanst.francistenerife@tenerifesouthchurches.com) to book the date.

A deposit will be required to confirm the booking which can be paid either in Sterling or Euros.

Renewal of Vows

Many couples choose to reaffirm their wedding vows on their special anniversary combining the event with a holiday and Tenerife certainly offers a beautiful setting to do that in.

Prior to service we will discuss with you any special requirements, music, hymns, readings etc. We will do our best to make your day a special and memorable event.