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San Eugenio, Playa de Las Americas

The church dedicated to San Eugenio is situated in Pueblo Canario, San Eugenio next to the post office and an easy walk from the bus station.

The church was built and gifted as an ecumenical worship centre and is presently shared by Anglicans, Lutherans and Roman Catholics. San Eugenio was the first of our churches to be established in the south of the island.

Holy Communion with Hymns is celebrated every Sunday at 10.15 am. throughout the year.

After the services, we gather for refreshments and fellowship at the nearby Smart Bakery Café, 100 metres from the church door, up the hill on the right immediately opposite the large Bouganville Playa Hotel (Iberostar), where everyone can sit and chat over a drink.

How to get there:

This is found in the area of Playa de Las Americas called Pueblo Canario, specifically on the Avenida de Eugenio Dominguez. The best way to direct you is to suggest you walk from the Americas bus station towards San Eugenio centre before reaching the commercial centre you will see the imposing, tall building of the Iberostar hotel, Bouganville Playa. With the hotel to your right, walk down the street, which is partially pedestrianised, and you'll come to this red-brick church on your right.

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