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From Trenches and beaches, to war on terror

For our fallen Heroes we pray

They deserve our respect, and our honour

We remember them all today.

They fought for Queen and for country

For freedom they stood side by side

They faced horrors that we can't imagine

For us, they suffered and died.

Each one who died in the arms of war

Had made plans for a future life

They sacrificed their hopes and dreams

For us, they gave their life.

For war is the cruellest of mistress

As she roams from place to place

She is in shopping malls, cities or airports

Moving boundaries, and changing her face.

She strikes at the heart of freedom

To control is her ultimate aim

She plots to gain freedom's destruction

There's no rules in her terrible game.

Today's troops on active duty

Provide a service we should respect

When they return distressed or broken

It's our duty to care, not neglect.

As we pray for a world without conflict

so that from war we can refrain

From the mistress who steals our brave heroes

To a world where freedom can reign.

So from the wars of the past to the present

We honour all those who have died

And today on remembrance Sunday

It is right we remember with pride.

Elizabeth Thomas 2016

November 2016