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From the Magazine: August/September 2016

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Thanks be to God & All the Friends of St Francis

The story of Christ the risen Lord has manifested itself to me in the most astonishing way this year.

After spending many years in Tenerife as a carer, it was my turn to be cared for. I was forced to give up my mobility for Lent. After an unfortunate accident fracturing my femur, the doctor concerned gave me a 'prescription' of five weeks bed rest. Not only was I faced with a 2,000E hospital bill, but having no health insurance or social security how was I to survive without my job?

The Lord set to work immediately. A retired friend from the UK flew over to look after me in my apartment the day after I came out of hospital. Ann Plummer came bearing gifts of books, household and food parcels and a wheelchair and then she told me about the fund-raising that she had started. I was speechless!

On Easter morning Ann not only brought me flowers and Easter eggs, but also a card bulging with the money that you had so generously donated to me - not only enough to pay my rent , but also a huge chunk of my medical expenses.

I was so overwhelmed and humbled by this unexpected gift, words failed me. All I can do is say a massive THANK YOU to the congregation of St Francis and Praise be to God.

I am truly grateful for all of your cards, prayers and good wishes over the past six weeks but mostly for your financial help.

Now I am back at work and able to return to my usual Sunday morning seat on the back pew at San Eugenio.

Dot Schofield

PS There is another silver lining to my cloud: My employer's family have decided to pay my health insurance!

PPS If anyone needs a pair of crutches I'm your man!!

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