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From the Magazine: June/July 2016

Church Wardens’ Musings

Dear Friends,

Good News, Good News and More Good News!

We are pleased to be able to tell you that our Chaplaincy has had a further opportunity to interview for a new vicar. We now have an 'appointee' who will be coming to visit us in the

near future to have a look around the parish and complete paperwork.

Safeguarding checks must be completed; which may take some time as he has worked in several places around the world, together with authorisation from Bishop David, before we are allowed to give his name but hopefully it wont be too long to wait.

Many of you will be aware that for sometime the church car has been in very poor condition and needing replacing. New member of the council, Graham Laverock did a great job of investigating deals and comparing makes and models for the council to consider. We opted to purchase a new Peugeot 208; just waiting now for Trafico to issue a registration plate. No one could

imagine how many hours Graham, Marisha and Gwen have spent in the Peugeot dealership . . . a paperwork nightmare!

Normally by this time of the year everything in the parish has slowed down considerably. This year is very different; the shop has continued to be very busy, each month exceeding last year's income and many opportunities to befriend and speak with the customers.

The Los Gigantes' housegroup too is continuing to regularly attract around 12 people each week to study the bible and pray as well as having a great time of fellowship over the bring and share meals. The craft groups too are continuing and attracting new members as well as at the same time providing many items for charitable work, some of which can be seen opposite (NB you’ll need to buy the magazine to see that one!).

We will be very sad to say goodbye to Canon Michael at the end of May; his sermons have been very thought provoking (one is included in this edition) and he is a delight to work with. Peter and Janny will be back with us immediately after Michael's departure and will stay until the end of August. We are looking forward to seeing them.

So . . . Good News all round, long may it continue. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.